Saturday, June 27, 2009

Windows 7: Are You Ready?

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will be available October 22. Let us hope with two short betas that Microsoft has worked out the kinks, and overcome the issues that has plagued Vista users. Here's an article that talks about 10 gee-wiz-wow-bang features found in Windows 7. Windows 7 Illustrated: 10 Cool Desktop Features

Here's is another good article on Windows 7. This one outlines how you can determine if Windows 7 will run on your existing computer, it's very straight forward. Will my computer run Windows 7?

Last, here is an article that compares Windows 7 and XP. If you were part of the majority of us that just didn't see the WOW of Vista, and refused to switch, read this article. It's not one of those Microsoft pie-in-the-sky commercials. This is a common sense approach that explains what advantages you will get with Windows 7. Benefits of Windows 7 over Windows XP

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