Sunday, June 21, 2009

Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

Some of this stuff is OK, but some I wouldn't touch. Media streaming is kool, if you're into that. ISO Burning is a great utility if you do not have third party software for your CD/DVD burner. I rarely use Windows Paint, but if it's your thing, go for it. The new Calculator looks very kool, and could have a wide range of uses.

I don't like the interface for the new Windows Search, but to each their own. I also found the the new Search was using up far too many system resources for my liking. Not to mention it takes up room on the task bar. I just found it to be worthless.

The Windows XP mode will be a great option for those of us that just will not or cannot afford to upgrade or buy software made for Windows 7. As for Internet Explorer 8, don't bother. The older your system is, the SLOWER IE8 will be. I had it for a few weeks, and it royally sucks. I use Firefox exclusively. I only use IE if it's a link in Outlook or a desktop shortcut. I suppose if you have a newer (or very new) system with lots of system resources, then IE8 may be a good upgrade.

Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

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