Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to Basic, Part 3

Unfortunately I did not stay long enough to take the 70-291 test. The fact they scheduled a 3 1/2 hour test at 6PM, and then you can't stay the night there was enough to change my plans. Worse than that I had a family emergency at home. My wife was (and still is) very sick. So I stayed until the last lecture was finish, and when they broke for lunch, I got on the road back to Maryland.

I did manage to get more pictures. This is the main building. When you enter the resort it's hidden off to the right.

This was taken earlier that day, May 14th.That haze on the vehicle is FROST. I definitely would not want to live there, nor could I imagine attending a class there in the winter time. Not my idea of fun.

I am scheduling the 70-291 test for next week, and I hope to have some good news then. As I mentioned earlier, my wife is still sick, in allot of pain. So much so she cannot drive because of the pain medication. She's at Walter Reed Army Medical Center this morning in fact to see if they can figure out what's causing it.

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