Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back to Basic, Part 2

Greetings from Bushkill, PA. I'm on day 7 of the 9 day MCSA bootcamp. I passed the 70-290 test last evening. As you can guess, these tests get progressively harder. I wasn't as confident when I went in to this test, but it wasn't that bad. The course prepares you quite well for it.

It rained last night, which was kinda a downer coming out of the test. We went in it was nice and sunny, as it has been all week. It's a good thing I passed. If I hadn't and come out side after 3 hours and it's ugly and raining that could really depress a person, at least it would depress me.

Again, no cheats here, no test give aways. I want to keep my MCP and hopefully after Tuesday my MCSA. So if you really wanna pass the test, take the courses. There's one thing that hurts all of us in the business is to work with a paper-MCSE/MCSA/CCNA, whatever, you fill in the certification. They know nothing but have a credential. Worse than that, our employers hire them and put them in charge cause they lots of cool stuff on their resume.

Since we didn't have class after the test, we got the evening off. Of course, I got out of testing at 7:40PM, so there wasn't much difference. Although we didn't have anything to study, I had to get some laundry done. I did study some of the material for 70-291 that was in our existing curriculum, but I took the opportunity to get some extra sleep.

I promised more about the facility. The accommodations are excellent, overkill even. Since this is a resort, these are not standard hotel rooms maybe used at other bootcamps. These are vacation villas, an efficiency apartment. I have a full kitchen, a large living room/dining room combined that has a couch, recliner, fireplace, TV/VCR/DVD player, and 6 person dining room table. And a 1/2 bath. The kitchen is bigger than the one in my house, and is separate by a bar (w/stools) to the dining room.

And then there's an upstairs with a bedroom with TV, and full bathroom and a hall closet. It's very nice. The upstairs bathroom is definitely bigger than both bathrooms in my house.

The buildings are setup like condos or apartments, 6-8 villas together, and the buildings are situated like a housing complex. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about the recreational facilities since I have no time to use them or to even go see them. I know they have a huge tennis courts compound, an indoor and an outdoor pool, and a golf course. And there is a hill/slope that look like it might be for snowboarding (but this is late spring so I'm not sure).

Tuesday is the 70-291 test, then I head home. It's about 4 1/2 hours there, but could be more with rush hour traffic. As much as I like the accommodations, I wanna get home to my family. I'll have more later this week after the coarse is over.

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