Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spyware From Hell

By John Crawford

Hello fellow bloggers. Keeping up with this is sometimes more work than fun. With work and family commitments, looking for something unique to write about on a regular basis can be trying. But let's see, what's interesting that happened recently? Last week was pretty good, the Yankees got eliminated, and the Redskins lost. I've been working on some friends computers, trying to remove spyware and such. What a mess! The conventional tools and methods are just not working. Apparently there is a new wave spyware on the horizon, and once it gets on your machine you won't be able to remove it short of reloading the operating system. Two of the sites I frequent for spyware removal help are www.spywareinfo.com and www.pchell.com, these guys have seen it all.

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