Friday, November 18, 2011

Googler: Android antivirus software is scareware from 'charlatans'

I don't agree with the writer, his conclusions are shortsighted. While the Android OS is basically a core of Linux, it has it's own vulnerabilities. And yes there are viruses, malware, trojans, and lots of other bad things that are made solely for Linux.

I am told that Blackberry's have a firewall, the Android OS, or should I say the mobile devices it is installed on, does not have a firewall. Furthermore, Firewall apps will not function unless the device is "rooted". Rooting a phone will most certainly void any phone manufacture and wireless provider warranty. You need a firewall on your mobile device so you can block and control what apps can reach the outside world, and which cannot.

Since the device is one 24/7 for most of us, it's like leaving our computer on and the web browser running all the time. While a PC is targeted much more, we takes precautions to add anti-virus software, malware protection, and Windows has a firewall built-in. Our mobile devices are communicating in the background whether the app is running or not. That's why you still get email, Tweets, Facebook messages, app updates, etc, while the screen is off.

I will admit the device is impervious to many mainstream viruses and malware, but it has more vulnerabilities than I am comfortable with. In fact, the writer may just be against paying for the protection; I am. I think it's extortion money. In a perfect world, if you produced a product or software, you would be held responsible for it's vulnerabilities. But since we don't live in a perfect world, fortunately, there are many FREE anti-virus and malware apps available, not just for your mobile device, but for your PC.

Read the article at Googler: Android antivirus software is scareware from charlatans | Deep Tech - CNET News

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