Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Road To CISSP, Part II

Just passed the 3 week mark and no exam results. OK, "Officially" ISC2 says 6 weeks. But all the books say "4 days to 2 weeks". I scoured the internet and found that most receive their results within 2 weeks, or sooner. Of course, I made the fatal error of following the suggestion of another blogger who sent an email to the ISC2 register's office and promptly got his results. I got an email back that said my "exam had not been graded as yet and to wait 6 weeks before notifying" ISC2.

It's such torture to wait this long. My career plans and future training rest on the outcome of this exam. More than that, it will be a major shot in the arm if I pass (or it cold bring on some sever depression if I fail... ha ha).

So the wait continues. Words of encouragement are invited.

John Crawford

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