Sunday, April 18, 2010

Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista

Ok, with a show of hands, who didn't see this coming? Seriously, the handwriting was on the wall when Microsoft put out Windows 7. Windows Vista will go into the history books in the same category as Windows ME, a BUST.

Funny this is, where I work we are actively fielding Vista, as per U.S. Air Force directives. The rumor on the street, however, is the DOD is close to releasing Windows 7 for use. This would be a sweet change from the many operating system transitions in recent history that have taken 2+ years, after public release, to approve for DOD use.

I bought a Dell touch screen computer that came with Windows Vista home 64 bit, and Dell sent me a free Windows 7 upgrade. I waited to setup the machine will I had the upgrade, so I basically has a fresh Windows 7 installation on a new PC. It's much cleaner and lighter than Vista, and it's Microsoft support hasn't expired.

Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista • The Register

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