Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anonymous Unfurls

This is disturbing. To think there are entities out there that wield such power. There's a youtube video that was sent to the Australian government, telling them of the impending DDoS attack (or Distributed Denial Of Service attack). The audio portion is the warning, the video is just a bunch of scenery footage that is unrelated to the audio. Apparently this group take its porn seriously, and is quite resentful of the Australian government's attempts to censor it.

The DDoS was so severe, according to the article, "Parliament’s website was felled after getting 7.5 million hits a second. Usually, it receives a few hundred a second". That's pretty massive. Let's hope these people are patriotic enough to be on our side when there's a crisis and those critical systems really need to be operational.

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Anonymous Unfurls ‘Operation Titstorm’

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